Maryland Institute of Research (MIR) is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1988 by a consortium of some of the era’s most distinguished scholars, academicians, and institutional leaders to support meticulous research and research-related activities in all fields of the business, humanities and social sciences. The aim of this institute is to foster broader knowledge among the scholastic people, researchers, professionals and government policymakers and open more fronts to deal with historical and contemporary issues.

MIR provides support for these scholarly endeavors by maintaining a research center in Maryland, the USA that provides short and long training program on research, arranges workshops, seminars, and conferences in the USA and by administering programs of fellowships to support research at advanced research levels.

We have the vision to be a global institute for research in the subjects related to local, regional and global issues. The blend of scholarship and fellowship, state of the art training and other mentoring programs, workshop, seminar and conference and exceptional level of research is our way to achieving the vision