Quality Research Award

Quality Research Award is an initiative of MIR Board to encourage researchers working in different areas to pursue innovative research. Main evaluation criteria to be used in the selection process are creativity and originality of the research and significance of the research and its contributions to the field of their respective field.

A committee with highly distinguished academicians and researchers will evaluate and ultimately select the manuscript based on the evaluation criteria. The MIR Board holds the authority of developing the committee. The committee would be headed by the Chief Editor of the Journal. The committee will announce their decision within two weeks after publication of the issue. The award would be given to the author(s) of each issue published by its Journals. The winner will be immediately informed after the final selection made by the committee. The winner will enjoy the following honors and benefits:

  • A certificate from the editorial board
  • Membership in the MIR community
  • Honorary membership in the editorial boardQ