• Maryland Institute of Research (MIR) conducted research related activities under different centers of excellence. In order to foster time relevant and original research work MIR established following research centers. 
  • MIR Center for Socio-Economic Research
  • This division concern about social and economic factors and their relationship. The Division is interested in both theoretical and applied research with an emphasis on how changes in economics affect social system as well as how social changes affect economic activity.
  • This Division is dedicated to using its specialist expertise in economics, social, health and government research services to advance socioeconomic research outcomes in USA. Division has an established track record of delivering quality projects to exacting standards.
  • MIR Center for Science and Technology
  • The Science and Technology center conducts an innovative multidisciplinary basic and applied research program with a technically diverse personnel of full-time employees, contract employees, post doctoral appointees, and academic talent from faculty and student participants. The synergy that results from the collaboration between materials scientists, chemists, physicists and electrical engineers allows "world class" electronics science and technology to be developed. Our focus includes Microwave and millimeter-wave components and techniques, Surface and interface science, Nan electronics science and technologies, Device and process modeling and simulation, Power electronics materials growth, characterization and device fabrication.