Journal - IJBSR

  • The International Journal of Business and Social Research (IJBSR) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to exchanging the academic researches and professional findings on all aspects of business, economic and social science. IJBSR is published monthly by Maryland Institute of Research (MIR) and operated by an internationally oriented editorial board.
  • Journal - JAH
  • The Journal of Arts and Humanities (JAH) is multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed Journal for research on all aspects of arts and humanities. It focuses both on conceptual or theoretical approaches and case studies or essays in the arts and humanities. This journal is published monthly and is another official publication of MIR.

MIR Seminar Paper

  • MIR Seminar Paper is published after holding a seminar and is usually published quarterly. Every seminar is arranged on specific issues and the scholarly papers presented and discussed in the seminar are published in the following issue of the MIR Seminar Paper. Seminar Paper serves as a valuable source of resource material for research on contemporary issues.
  • Middle East development
  • Movement for democracy in Middle East
  • The US financial Crisis – an old face of capitalism?
  • Rise of terrorism in south Asia

MIR Conference Paper

  • MIR Conference Paper is an annual publication, which is a compilation of the papers presented in the annual MIR conference by the participant scholars and researchers. It serves as an important media for communicating the research findings and empirical results with the audience of all corner of the world and a valuable source of resource for researchers, professionals, development activists, policy makers, and other interested readers.

MIR Books

In addition to the above‑mentioned publications, MIR regularly publishes scholarly books on various US, regional and international issues, authored either by its research staff or by any eminent scholar on business, economic, social science or science and technology.