We the people

Maryland Institute of Research draws upon credentialed scholars, including professional researchers, experts, academicians, business professionals and graduate students to conduct multidisciplinary researches focusing on national and global business and social issues. The list below contains all researchers employed on a permanent basis. Apart from the permanent researchers we also have some part-time researchers and consultants, who are distinguished in their respective fields. 

Board of Counselors


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus



Peter Krammer


Board Members

Prof. Hellmut Augustin

Dagmar Jarek, Ph.D.

Peter Angel

Andreas Busch, CPA

Prof. Lutz Gissmann, Ph.D.

Prof. Roland Eils, Ph.D

Shigeo palmira

Edward Blinder, Ph.D

Research Staffs

Dr.Andrew Scott

Dr. John Hearn

Ms Erica Smyth

Dr. Robert Cailliau

Hafeez Hoorani

Wilfried Juling, CFA

Susanne Kunschert, CGA

Renate Schubert

Peter Fritz

Kwang Yong

Hark Rho KIM,

Jerry McDowell