MIR Center for Science and Technology

MIR Center for Science and Technology located at Maryland, USA. It is a research division of Maryland Institute of Research (MIR). It was founded for pleasure, notify, and appeal the communities those it serve. The people who are under those Science and Technology Center entertain by connecting science and technology with everyday life. It is the public center for provocative dialogue and innovative thinking in science and technology.
Our mission is to create an innovative and technologically advanced region and strive to improve newer science and technology policies which address societal needs, understanding the new innovation, enriching people’s lives including research, education and services.

In order to bring up a scientifically and technologically scholar community, MIR Center for Science and Technology will:
Promoting innovation and regulating technology among the whole audience.
Growing public funding for research on science and technology project.
Increasing targeted funding to specific research and project field.
Evaluation of new science and technology policies and improve it on research and term project.
Boosting the science and technological workforce and improving worker by efficient training. Emphasizing the cultivation, recruitment and utilization of personnel with a scientific and modern technolized way.
Strengthening technological innovation, developing high-tech industries.
Attract and engage an audience that reflects the variety of the regional community.
Contributing to the solution of national technical problem in relations to the transition to market-based economies with a scientific and technological way.
Emphasizing the health campaign, medicine, food and water with a scientific and technological way. Strengthening on cinematic science and utilization the media In last words, MIR Center for Science and Technology doing knowledge-based activity and always ready to give the services that audience needed to survive in this modern world. A wishful thinking is one day this center will make a difference.