MIR Center for Socio-Economic Research

Inorder to enhance research related activities Maryland Institute of Research (MIR) established Center for Socio-Economic Research for studying  social and economic factors and their relationship. The center is interested in both theoretical and applied research with an emphasis on how changes in economics affect social system as well as how social changes affect economic activity.


Our mission is to assist in policy making based on theoretical and empirical researches in the field of socioeconomic areas locally as well as in global arenas to contribute in maintaining sustainable economic development and social stability.


This center is dedicated to using its specialist expertise in economics, social, health and government research services to advance socioeconomic research outcomes in USA. Center has an established track record of delivering quality projects to exacting standards. The following fields are on the priority list of this center:

  • macroeconomics and microeconomics with especial focus on emerging and global growth corridors like Africa, Australia, BRIICS, Eastern Europe, Far East, Latin American, MENA, Middle East, South Asia, and South East Asia;
  • studies on racism, cultural areas, comparative approaches and comprehensive studies;
  • qualitative and quantitative studies;
  • migration studies;
  • gender studies, research into discrimination;
  • studies on work and inequality;
  • studies at the interface with other sciences: ethics in science, responsibility, human-computer interaction, security, risks and protection, environment and sustainable development;
  • business administration: corporate governance, taxation, productivity, human resource management.