Scholarships and Fellowships

MIR serves the academic community by providing critical logistical support to research projects by its Maryland center. In addition to providing administrative support and a reliable base for a wide array of scholarly research taking place in USA, Asia Pacific region, MIR also provides funding, in the form of grants, for a significant number of research and policy evaluation projects each year. . In the last 22 years, MIR has provided grants through fellowship to some 240 research projects of which 165 has been given for doctoral level research projects.
The annual competition for MIR pre-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships attracts applicants from throughout the United States and Asia Pacific countries. MIR administers fellowship in the form of funded fellowship and research associate. Applications for these fellowships are invited in September in each year. Applications should be addressed to the executive director, research division, MIR. Application packages should include of research proposal, one essay describing interest and capacity of research and two references from local or international scholars.

Workshops and Training Programs

MIR regularly arranges mentoring programs in the form of workshops and training programs for the benefit of academic researchers especially for young and new researchers in the field of business, economics and social science. These programs are basically two types; some are basic training programs conducted on regular basis twice in a year, July and January sessions and some programs are on contemporary business and social issues arranged in every two or three months interval. The basic training programs include short and long courses on research methodology, research ethic, advanced Stata, SPSS, questionnaire design, application and data interpretation, survey methodology, introduction to linear and logistic regression model, advanced statistical methods. These programs are conducted by the researchers of MIR and distinguished professors from well reputed universities. Over the last 22 years MIR has arranged regularly short and long programs on these courses. The short programs have one month and long programs have three months duration. For 2010, fees for one-month programs are $150 and for three-months programs $300.

Conferences and Seminars

The Center convenes periodic seminars and an annual conference in the United States that serve a professional venue for researchers in the field of business and social science. Scholars from throughout the world are invited to present their research findings in these seminars and annual conference. Papers presented in these seminars and conferences are published by internationally recognized journals including its official one, International Journal of Business and Social Research (IJBSR), to disseminate the scholars’ findings to the all corner of the world. Annual conference is usually held in December each year and seminars are arranged periodically by the decision of the Board of Governors.


In addition to its versatile support for research and research based activities, The MIR undertakes custom research across a wide range of business and social policy issues which are organized into three fields of research.

Fields of Research
business research for corporate decision making process.
Research on macroeconomic issues
social issues including poverty, inequality, ethnic issues and political issues

Research teams in MIR regularly conduct research on highly demanding contemporary issues under the above three fields which are then sold to the interested parties or published to the public through its own journal, International Journal of Business and Social Research (IJBSR) and other recognized journals. However, MIR also provides customized research services to various clients including corporate firms, social institutions and government agencies. These commissioned studies are conducted on a fee-for-service basis, with fees covering the cost of staff time, materials and so on. Some of the types and areas of research conducted by MIR during the last two decade are listed below:

  • Economic feasibility study
  • Demographic analysis
  • Benchmarking studies for regional economies
  • Impact analysis
  • Survey research
  • Cross national social policy
  • Evaluation of policy interventions
  • Income support policies
  • Poverty, inequality and living standards